Tutorial: Gold And Purple Cut Crease

Here's a tutorial for a fun little look I came up with at 5 AM...Kind of a recreation of something that I did in the past. I'm still working on the lighting and camera angle so my sincerest apologies...


Look: Neutral Eyes // Bold Lip

A bit of a staple for me lately. I used to be the exact opposite; neon eyes and nude lips 100% of the time. Now I'm probably a good healthy mix of 60% bright/40% neutral. Eyes aside, Mac's Rebel was one of my favorite lip colors this past fall and winter and I just can't help but bring it into summer with me. I always pair it with a bit of Nightmoth lip liner and I have yet to be let down. For my eyes I used the Balm Jovi palette from theBalm, and then for the lid I used Mary Loumanizer which is also high lighting my cheeks. I do love a multi-tasker.



Look: Cobalt And Copper with the Vice Palette

Today I decided to pull out an old favorite that I haven't used in ages; the Vice Palette from Urban Decay. I don't know how I've managed neglect Chaos over the duration of me owning this palette, but I realized that I've never used it, and it was just screaming to be paired with Penny Lane, thus this look. Love.