fresh sugar lip treatment in plum: review + swatches

fresh sugar lip treatment in plum: $22.50 for .14 oz

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment is an incredibly moisturizing lip treatment that has an SPF of 15 and nourishes the lips. It also has certain oils in it that are supposed to help with plumping. This color is plum, which is, like it sounds, a deep, brownish plum color. Below is a comparison of bare lips and Plum :)

bare lips:


As you can see from the photo above, this specific shade did go on a bit patchy (also doesn't suit me very well, but for reviews sake!) You have to make sure you don't apply too much because if you do, when you rub your lips together the color won't be even at all. Because these are super soft and buttery, you really don't need to apply very much.

I absolutely love the way these feel. They're so lightweight and they last ages, and when they do finally wear off, it doesn't leave your lips feeling dry. The color isn't super intense, but it's only intended as a tint.

As well as the feeling and color, I love the smell of these as well. They're very citrusy and sweet. If you don't like scented products these may not be for you, though they don't have a scent once applied and they don't have a taste either. As far as the plumping claims go, I really didn't notice my lips plumped all that much, but I do love everything else about it. The price tag is quite steep for a lip balm; much more than I would normally be willing to spent, but I absolutely love what these do for me lips so I do think it's worth it in the end.

Xx Seana


  1. I was hesitant to try these because of the price, but I love them! I have the Plum shade too and like it to top matte red/plum lipsticks throughout the day.

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  3. This lip treatment looks so moisturising, your lips look so glossy!
    Do you know where i could purchase these, because i've never seen this brand around before!!


  4. I was just browsing and came upon your blog - had to follow! Lovely blog with interesting posts :)

    Best Wishes x